Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) strikes approximately 365,000 people in North America annually, including 7,000 young people. SCA occurs in schools, classrooms, on athletic fields, in gymnasiums, and in hallways. In one study of high schools, researchers found that at 1,710 U.S. high schools with AEDs on site, nearly two-thirds of cardiac arrest victims survived. That compares with a typical survival rate of only about 5% when cardiac arrest occurs outside of a hospital.

Colorado boy has heart attack at wrestling practice

The American Heart Association estimates that 1 in 350 children may have dangerous underlying heart conditions. Most deaths occur with no previous symptoms or indicators so quick response is essential in saving victims during sudden cardiac arrest since the use of a defibrillator within 5 minutes can increase long-term survival by 50%.

AEDs in schools are not only for students.  With hundreds of people attending events at school over the course of the year, they could be invaluable in saving a life!


  • The American Heart Association estimates that at least 20,000 SCA deaths could be prevented each year if defibrillation was readily available
  • Defibrillation within the first minute of sudden cardiac arrest can save the lives of up to 90% of its victims.
  • Each minute of delay until defibrillation, the survival rate drops by 10%
  • CPR rescue attempts using electric defibrillation or AED’s improves survival rates by as much as 49%
  • A person is 13 times more likely to survive SCA if a defibrillator is used.

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