AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Devices for Schools

Robert Harrison, a student at Grand Junction High School, is coordinating a fund-raising program to provide AED devices for schools in the Grand Junction area. The program, From the Heart, For the Heart, will encourage people to give "from the heart" to help save victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). The project is funded by a variety of activities and through donations made to the project's account at each school. ALL of your donations go directly to providing AED equipment and training for the school you designate. Unlike many non-profits, your donations DO NOT pay for administration, travel or any other expenses. Join the mailing list to stay informed on the project's progress. Make sure to visit the Project Partners links to the right. 

Project Partners


**Check out Robert's latest TV interview Feb. 2012**

Church helps raise over $300 in an hour!  The HEART of Junction church ( recently allowed From the Heart, For the Heart to collect donations after its service.  Members donated to the high school of their choice with varying amounts going to each school.  It is hoped that other churches will follow this lead and provide similar fundraising opportunities!    


  • Raise funds to place at least one AED in each District 51 high school by February 14, 2012
  • Place a portable AED in each District 51 high school by April, 2012
  • Place at least one AED in each District 51 middle school by August, 2012
  • Place at least one AED in each District 51 elementary school by August, 2013

Click here to watch the video from Robert's news interview and the video of Robert and his mom, Kim.

Check out the 5/27/11 newspaper article about the project. Read the 5/30/11 KJCT newscast article. Listen to Robert's 6/8/11 KEKB radio interview.


Donate by sending a check to the school of your choice and write From the Heart, For the Heart in the memo line (go to the Donate to D51 Schools page for more information). Additionally, you can donate at any location or event where you see the From the Heart, For the Heart or Change of Heart donation collection stations. Change of Heart encourage people to donate spare change to the project.

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